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Sunday, December 26, 2004
About me
In the very beginning of this blog, quite a few were curious as to my identity. I wanted to think about it first. I'd rather potential employers not find my blog as their first exposure when googling my name. Hence I will leave off my last name.

My name is Evan. I'm a recent alumnus of Rice University, where I spent too much of my time reading Campaigns & Elections magazine and National Journal's Hotline. One of the great things of college was having access to the Hotline.

Obviously, I find campaigns interesting. I've volunteered on quite a few. I've seen some well-run campaigns, and I've seen some miserably run. I wrote my senior thesis on the Deep South gubernatorial campaigns of the 90's.

Soy un Republicano living in Austin who considers Houston home. I'm currently unemployed, and am considering what I want to do. Whatever it is, I want it to be interesting.

2/19/05 update: I moved back to Houston, where I'm looking for a job trading energy.

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