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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Christmas Gubernatorial Race News
1. The AP provides an update on Governor Perry's Trans-Texas Corridor proposal.

Author Jim Vertuno notes that the Texas Republican Party and Texas Farm Bureau is opposed to the proposal on property rights grounds. Perry might be losing the votes of some farmers and rural Texans who are negatively impacted by the transportation plan, while not gaining any votes from those the plan positively affects.

2. Rock star Ted Nugent is moving to Texas, and newsfolks around the world have noted that Rick Perry is going hunting with him for New Year's. Welcome to Texas, Ted.

3. Rick Casey at the Houston Chronicle thinks Perry could have problems unless he has a "Ned Sweet" strategy. Ned Sweet, a liberal Houston Democrat in the 60's, used to file for GOP county chairman and then go speaking to GOP groups advocating liberal causes. His purpose was to scare GOP voters into voting in GOP primaries.

Perry's camp is probably worried about Democratic crossover votes for Hutchison.

[12/26 evening update]: Charles Kuffner will no doubt be glad to know that Ted Nugent is still threatening to run for governor of Michigan.

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