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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Everyone wants to be governor
Over at Lone Star Times, there's a rumor that Lt. Gov. is telling his backers that he will forego a 2006 Senate run, even if Sen. Hutchison vacates the seat. Instead, he will prepare for a 2010 governor run.

Meanwhile, former Houston Congressman Chris Bell is laying the groundwork for the 2006 Gov. race. If he gets the Dems' nomination, of course, he'll face Perry or KBH...or maybe Strayhorn or Don Evans, etc. (link via Burnt Orange Report)

My take: If the Dewhurst rumor is true, then Dewhurst thinks it most likely that Perry will win re-election. If Perry wins, the seat will be open in 2010. If Perry loses, chances are KBH is governor and runs for re-election in 2010.

Perhaps that's a reason to doubt the rumor. It seems unlikely that after 2006 (if KBH runs for gov) that a Senate seat will open up for at least a decade.

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