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Saturday, December 25, 2004
The KBH counter
Perry has clearly signaled that he will paint KBH as a liberal or moderate.

KBH's counter will be:
1. Was Republican before Rick Perry. Rick Perry led Al Gore's 1988 presidential campaign in Texas. Perry didn't switch parties until 1989, when he was passed over for leadership by Democrats in the House.

2. KBH has a solid conservative voting record, based on her ACU ratings. Her lifetime ACU rating is a 91. Her 2002 score is a 100, while her 2003 score is a 75. KBH's camp will compare her lifetime 91 to Cornyn's 2003 score of 85.
Hutchison's other scores, according to the AP (presumably all 2002 scores, except Right to Life, which appears to be 2003 Cornyn has a score only for Right to Life):
Christian Coalition 100
Tax Payers Union 69
National Right to Life 80

Planned Parenthood 0
Handgun Control 10

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