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Thursday, December 16, 2004
"My governor is a Jewish Cowboy"
The folks Texas Monthly, whose new issue is out Monday, send along a link to Kinky Friedman's amusing article on his run for governor.
There once was a zoo that some folks liked to call Texas politics. In this zoo were doves and hawks, bulls and bears, crocodiles and two-legged snakes, and lots and lots and lots of sheep. But the ones who ran the zoo were not really animals. They were people dressed up in elephant and donkey suits who'd lined their pockets long ago and now went around lying to everybody and making all the rules. Even as a child, I knew I never wanted to be one of them, a perfunctory, political party hack. This did not stop me, of course, from growing up to be a party animal.

Unless you've been living in a double-wide deer blind, you know I'm running for governor in 2006. Well, I'm a rather indecisive person, so I'm not entirely sure I'm running yet. I have to weigh the impact the race may have on my family. You may be thinking, "The Kinkster doesn't have a family." But that's not quite right, folks: Texas is my family. And I intend to give Texas a governor who knows how to ride, shoot straight, and tell the truth, a governor as independent-thinking and as colorful as the state itself.
It only gets better.

I'll also note that you can buy Kinky Friedman salsa on his campaign website.

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