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Monday, December 06, 2004
Tacking right?
It seems very likely that Perry will use this session of the Legislature to shore up any shakiness in his conservative base.

Exhibit A:
State Rep. Frank Corte is looking to add school vouchers to a must-pass bill. I'm sure he'll see some support from Perry.
One lawmaker already is plotting ways to get school vouchers through the Legislature next year. Earlier this month, on the first day to file bills, Rep. Frank Corte, R-San Antonio, submitted a proposal for a pilot voucher program that would include the Houston and Cypress-Fairbanks districts.

Corte said he's also looking at a must-pass bill — the reauthorization of the Texas Education Agency — as a vehicle for his voucher program. Corte said that if his proposal, House Bill 12, gets stuck in committee, he's prepared to attach it as an amendment to the TEA sunset bill or another education or school finance bill.

Voucher proponents have the support of Gov. Rick Perry, a longtime advocate of a pilot program. Earlier this month, a group of Perry's business advisers called for vouchers, more funding for charter schools and restructuring the way teachers are paid.

The House has not debated vouchers since 1997, when a floor amendment proposed by Rep. Ron Wilson, D-Houston, failed on a 68-68 vote.

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