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Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Today's campaign news
1. Gov. Perry's announcement announcement of new jobs from Countrwide is garnering him favorable headlines around the state from the Associated Press story on the announcement (eg, News8 Austin). In fact, the story actually got picked up on the AP wire across the nation.

2. Perry to announce tomorrow the "largest one-time safety expenditure in Texas Department of Transportation history."

Looks like the Perry campaign is trying to create a pre-session blitz of positive publicity for Perry in hopes of: a) keeping his poll numbers up to give KBH second thoughts, and b) giving Perry some extra political capital to wrangle with the Legislature while it is in session for the next few months.

The title of this post wasn't accidental. The Perry camp is in full-campaign mode, at least temporarily.

3. Speaking of the Perry campaign, the governor's campaign manager Luis Saenz has a positive profile in the Express-News.

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