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Monday, December 13, 2004
Today's rundown
1. QR reports that 350 grassroots activists met last week in Austin for an organizational meeting of Rick Perry.

2. Perry plans a "major economic development announcement" tomorrow about Countrywide Financial adding 7500 jobs in the Dallas area. According to the Star-Telegram, the governor's Texas Enterprise Fund will incentivize Countrywide's decision by $20 million.

There's a potential that this could be an issue in a primary. KBH or Strayhorn might attack the Texas Enterprise Fund -- which the governor is authorized by the Legislature to provide financial incentives to attract jobs and companies to Texas. Perry's camp thinks the TEF helps spur Texas economic development. Opponents tend to think TEF is a giveaway to big business that was already coming to Texas anyway, and provides Perry with a chance to reward political donations. It's a tough attack for opponents though, because people tend to be less wary when jobs are coming to Texas.

3. QR also reports various El Paso state representatives reactions to the dustup in El Paso between Sen. KBH and some of Perry's big donors.

4. I'm still not real sure how the dustup in El Paso is playing. I don't think it will make anyone perceive Perry more negatively -- these are just his financial supporters, not him. Does it make Hutchison look good, because she's crusading against money in politics? I doubt it, she's been a prodigious fundraiser herself. Does it make Hutchison look bad? I doubt it, because the public doesn't have any impression of KBH as a hothead, so any potential "lecture" negativity (as some accounts called it) won't stick politically.

It seems like a wash to me.

5. John Fund noted the power of Daschle v. Thune and the Dakota Alliance in the South Dakota Senate race. He also mentions Dayton v. Kennedy, but neglects to mention this fine blog.

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