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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Welcome!, Who are you?, etc
Welcome readers from Off the Kuff and Burnt Orange Report! Hope you'll come back to this page every few days for an update on the race.

Thanks to Charles Kuffner and Vince Leibowitz for the links.

Both Kuffner and Leibowitz remarked on my identity. Leibowitz even went so far as to speculate that I am "someone from Perry's camp or a GOP operative who has obvious reasons for starting the blog." This makes me laugh. I can categorically deny that I am in any way related to Perry's camp. Nor am I a "GOP operative."

The curiosity about my bio just makes me laugh, because I'm a nobody. I've never been employed by a campaign, never worked for an officeholder, never interned on Capitol Hill. In short, Leibowitz couldn't be more wrong.

Leibowitz also thinks it is funny that I mention the passage of the hate crimes bill. What he doesn't understand, since he's a Democratic party chairman, is that many on the right see hate crimes legislation as akin to McCain Feingold. To them, they aren't race or PC issues, as Leibowitz opines. Rather, conservative activists see both as First Amendment issues.

I was surprised that folks were wondering who I was. I set this up as my own way to track what I think will be a very interesting race. I didn't give any thought as to whether to remain anonymous. I'll give it some thought, but I'm not sure I want potential employers to google my name and see this blog...especially since some of it will probably be done during the work week.

UPDATE: If I were a Perry campaign operative or ardent Perry supporter, wouldn't I have picked a blog title more flattering to Perry? Would I have speculated that perhaps the White House isn't backing Perry 100%?

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