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Friday, January 07, 2005
News coverage while I was gone
Much of the pertinent news while I was gone focused on a report released by the governor on Child Protective Services and school finance.

Perry announced a $329 million restructuring of CPS. He'd been taking fire from Comptroller Strayhorn, so the announcement helps neutralize some of the headlines from Strayhorn's attacks. Different headlines included "Perry helps to act children" (El Paso Times), "Gov. Perry announces $329 million reform plan for children" (SAEN), "Perry proposes $329 million overhaul of CPS" (AAS), "Massive CPS fixes sought" (Hou Chron).

What happens on school finance (or fails to happen) during this upcoming session will undoubtedly be an issue in the upcoming gubernatorial primary and general elections. School finance deals with perhaps the two items of greatest importance to voters: taxes and education. No one seems to like the current system (commonly called Robin Hood), so the status quo is dangerous. Yet no one can agree on how to fix Robin Hood.

It's a complex issue. The stakes are high. What happens on school finance will set the course of the campaign.

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