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Sunday, January 02, 2005
News wrapup
Something that should never be forgotten during a potential campaign: it's easier for a governor to make news than a senator. Two examples: 1) Rick Perry helps send off to Iraq a Texas National Guard unit. 2) Gov. Perry bets Ten. Gov. Bredesen that Aggies will beat UT (that is, the Tennessee Volunteers.)

The general session is almost here, and school finance is going to be "fun." The Amarillo Globe News previews the 2006 elections in light of the upcoming legislative session (including the first time that Greg Abbott has been called a "superstar.") The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram focuses on school finance and Robin Hood.

Dan Shelley -- Perry's legislative lobbyist -- once represented winning highway bidder Cintra as a lobbyist. The Dallas News then followed up indicating that some of Shelley's initial comments were incorrect.

The Houston Chronicle editorializes against Rick Perry's unannounced Supreme Court pick.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram writes up Kinky Friedman's attempt to get on the ballot. It includes this from Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith:
Evan Smith, the editor of Texas Monthly who hired Friedman as the magazine's back-page columnist in 2001 and occasionally uses his photo on the cover -- including the Queen Elizabeth spoof in July's edition, said he likens the prospect of a Kinky campaign in 2006 to the satirical presidential bid by comedian Pat Paulsen in 1968.

"At this moment, it's a joke candidacy," Smith said. "If and when it goes beyond a joke to an actual run for governor, I'll deal with it. It's very much on my mind. He can't a be a candidate for governor and a columnist for Texas Monthly at the same time."
The AP wire takes a page from Charles Kuffner and criticizes Perry's Texas Enterprise Fund. One of the Fund's recipients is the Texas Energy Center, which has received $1.6 million but has yet to creat jobs, according to the AP. Meanwhile, Mitch Schnurman at the FWST approves of the Texas Enterprise Fund.

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