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Friday, January 07, 2005
Perry releases statewide endorsements
Rick Perry today released a list of statewide officeholder endorsements.

The names include:
David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor of Texas; Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General; Susan Combs, Commissioner of Agriculture; Jerry Patterson, Commissioner of the General Land Office; Victor Carrillo, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission; Michael Williams, Texas Railroad Commissioner; and Charles Matthews, Texas Railroad Commissioner. Texans for Rick Perry did not seek the endorsement of statewide elected judges.
Via Harvey Kronberg, who incorrectly notes that Combs is not on the endorsement list.

An impressive list. The only missing statewide officeholders are Comptroller Strayhorn, Senator Hutchison, and Senator Cornyn. Strayhorn and Hutchison are still considering a primary challenge, and Cornyn doesn't want to antagonize Hutchison or Perry.

UPDATE: Kronberg also notes rumors that Perry will attempt to use the upcoming legislative session to prevent the transfer of federal campaign accounts to state campaign accounts. The legislation would be aimed at preventing Hutchison from using her $7 million in federal accounts.

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