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Monday, January 24, 2005
Strayhorn's dilemma
Run for governor or sit tight at Comptroller?

Sitting tight, of course, is not something that Strayhorn has done frequently. She's been president of the Austin school board, mayor of Austin, Railroad Commissioner, and run for Congress.

Ag Commisioner Susan Combs has been saying that Strayhorn told her she could run for Comptroller. Today, however, Strayhorn spokesman said:
The people of Texas are certainly asking her (Strayhorn) to run for Governor and she is listening. But the Comptroller never told Commissioner Combs she is not running for Comptroller again. And Commissioner Combs knows it.
(via HK)

As a side note, things had piled up so much that I'd wanted to do a comprehensive post when I came back. That proved too daunting, so I'll just pick up here.

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