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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
All politics is local
The Abitibi mill was one of several subjects tackled by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison Wednesday. The senator spent time in Lufkin talking to Rotary members about their priorities right now in congress.

She also gave her support for reopening the Lufkin mill.

"I want to weigh in to ask the people to keep the Lufkin paper mill open because that will be good jobs for Lufkin. Everything that I can do, I certainly will do."

The senator also talked about her ideas for making sure there's enough social security available for future generations.
Exhibit B: KTLV picks up the AP wire:
Plans are moving ahead for a memorial near downtown Nacogdoches where pieces of shuttle "Columbia" fell to Earth.

All seven astronauts died in the February first, 2003, accident.

U-S Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison today met with city and county officials in Nacogdoches who've selected an architect.

The memorial is expected to focus on the launch phase of Columbia's mission.

Hutchison has introduced a bill in the Senate to secure federal money for construction of memorials in Nacogdoches, Hemphill, Lufkin and San Augustine.

Architects have inspected the Nacogdoches site, where there's an existing small park.

Mayor Bob Dunn, who says pieces of wreckage are still being retrieved, hopes preliminary designs will be available for review in a few months.
Tending to local issues. That's smart politics.

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