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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Bonilla can read the tea leaves
While I was on hiatus for the past few weeks, Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla announced that he would run for the Senate if Hutchison didn't.

Today, Roll Call reported that Bonilla is meeting with lobbyists in DC to prepare for a possible (probable?) Senate run in 06.

Bonilla let his interest be known in 2002, but only quietly. He never committed himself to the race to let potential opponents know that they'd have a race. Thus, he backed down when then-Attorney General John Cornyn entered the race. The White House then let it be known that challenging Cornyn would be a faux pas.

Bonilla has obviously learned from his political mistake. He can read the tea leaves. He knows KBH is running for governor, so he's jumping in the race now.

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