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Friday, February 18, 2005
USAToday on Perry, KBH, and stem cells
Hutchison is a possible Perry rival in next year's Republican
gubernatorial primary. If she runs, Perry likely will attack her stem
cell support "because he's going to have to polarize that primary as a
conservative vs. a liberal," says Stuart Rothenberg of the
non-partisan Rothenberg Political Report.

Perry proposes $300 million for biotech and other emerging industries.
But he opposes embryonic stem cell research. At an anti-abortion rally
last month in Austin, he reaffirmed opposition to "any taxpayer
dollars being used and spent on research that ends a human life."

Perry believes research on stem cells from adults and from umbilical
cords -- which doesn't destroy embryos — is equally promising. "Those
are certainly the areas he wants to focus on," says Robert Black, a
Perry spokesman.

Whether that will satisfy the biotech industry and its powerful
venture-capital investors is unclear. History may be a guide. The
railroads got their way, spreading across the USA. Gambling now
flourishes everywhere.

In the end, Sicilia says, "Business wins."

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