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Saturday, February 12, 2005
When is the announcement?
Given the recent hirings of Kay Bailey Hutchison, there isn't much doubt that she's running for governor. The question is when she'll announce.


Terry Sullivan, who guided Jim DeMint through a very tough SC Sen primary and general election, is Kay Bailey Hutchison's new campaign manager.

Meanwhile, KBH picked Scott Howell to do her media work, replacing David Weeks. Weeks has been her ad czar in the past, but he does ads for Rick Perry.

Weeks wouldn't have needed replacing by KBH unless she was planning to challenge Perry. Nor would Sullivan have signed on to manage her campaign unless there was a promise of a more challenging race than Senate re-election (in golf terms, that'd be a "gimme.")

The writing is on the wall. As clear as it has been for so long, I still didn't quite believe we'd really have the 800 pound gorillas fighting to the political death. But at this point, it's a sure thing.

Let's play ball.

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