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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
23 of 38
Chuck Todd, editor of The Hotline, compiles a ranking of the most vulnerable governors in the nation for his weekly column. Today's edition lists Perry 23rd out of 38. Here's his analysis:
Perry has decent poll numbers, but he's just not the favorite of the Austin crowd, which is why GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would be welcomed into a primary with open arms. Lately, there's been whispers she's having second thoughts about running. We'll see. Texas is an early primary state (March 2006), so expect some real decisions soon. If Hutchison gets in, expect many of the key Democratic constituencies to focus less on finding a candidate and more on helping Hutchison.
Personally, while I enjoy reading the DC political insider analysts -- Todd, Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg -- I usually find their analysis too inside-the-beltway.

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