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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Chad Wilbanks
Quite a few folks have been finding this blog recently through searches related to Chad Wilbanks. The total volume seemed a little high. Wilbanks is currently a consultant to KBH as well as a former KBH campaign staffer and former political director for Republican Party of Texas.

Perhaps I know why: Texas Weekly reports that Chad Wilbanks phoned into a Dallas talk show under a pseudonym to talk up Senator Hutchison.

UPDATE: A little research brings up more from Gromer Jeffers in DMN:
"Charlie from Flower Mound" seemed to like Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a little too much.

The man phoned a Dallas radio show this week to air complaints about host Mark Davis' newspaper column, which said Ms. Hutchison should not challenge Gov. Rick Perry next year. "Charlie" spent about five minutes criticizing the governor and extolling the senator.


Mr. Perry's campaign manager alleged Thursday that "Charlie" was really Chad Wilbanks, a top campaign organizer for Ms. Hutchison.

The senator's office would not confirm Thursday whether Flower Mound Charlie was indeed Mr. Wilbanks of Austin, recently hired to run Ms. Hutchison's grass-roots organization. Mr. Wilbanks did not return telephone calls. Nor did he respond to Mr. Davis' show on WBAP-AM (820), which replayed the call Thursday.


"Charlie" emerged Wednesday after Mr. Davis' opinion piece was published in The Dallas Morning News.

The caller took exception to the article and said Ms. Hutchison should run for governor if she were so moved.

"In almost any position she's tackled, she's been successful," he said. "Why not let her come back and run for governor?"

"Charlie" also lashed out at Mr. Perry.

"I would like to see a real proposal for workers' compensation and school finance," he said. "He's gotten no results in school finance ... he pushed his education package through [last year's special session] and lost 150-to-nothing."

"Charlie" also offered obscure details about Ms. Hutchison's record, including her precise approval ratings with the Christian Coalition and National Right to Life Committee.

Mr. Davis said that, in retrospect, such details should have tipped him off.
Pretty amusing. If you're an actual campaign staffer, it's embarassing to get caught doing this sort of thing. If Wilbanks is in charge of grassroots, he should be getting some real grassroots folks to call in.

Kay Bailey's campaign consultants obviously think she's running for governor.

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