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Monday, March 28, 2005
Kay gets in the news
It's generally considered easier to get in the media when you're a governor than a Senator. However, even Senators can get free media sometimes:
U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's swing through Central Texas last week lacked the trappings of a campaign -- no red "Kay" signs, no balloons, no banners, seemingly all business.

Yet there were moments that felt campaign-like.

Here and in Bastrop and San Marcos, rapt groups learned that Hutchison's great-great-great-grandfather was among the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

"We all appreciate how wonderful our state is," she said Tuesday at the refurbished Lee County Courthouse.

And as she, her husband, Ray, and their two children traced the historic El Camino Real de Tejas in a motor home, she couldn't dodge hints of the possible donnybrook to come if she challenges Gov. Rick Perry for re-election next year.


A Hutchison aide said her tour, which started Monday near the Sabine River in East Texas and ended Wednesday in Eagle Pass, was no place for "political questions."

Hutchison said: "I don't think we ought to be talking about politics during the (state) legislative session. I am avoiding doing that. I want the Legislature to focus on so many important issues facing our state. And I am not doing political things."
The rest of the article is mostly quotes about KBH running for guv.

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