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Monday, March 28, 2005
The message grid
Campaigns often make a grid of what they intend to say. Here's how I see the message grid in a Perry vs Hutchison race.
Perry on Perry:
I'm a real conservative.
I've gotten things done -- TTC, balanced budget, tort reform, school finance.
I'm for tax cuts.
I'm pro-life.

Perry on Hutchison:
She's moderate
She's pro-choice
She's more effective with her seniority in DC (a subtle pre-announcement message)

Hutchison on Hutchison:
I'm conservative.
I will show real leadership.
I'll fix school finance.
I'm anti-gambling.

Hutchison on Perry:
He hasn't led.
He failed on school finance.
He's a former Dem; chaired Al Gore's 1988 presidential bid in Texas.
He's pro-gambling.

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