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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Perry's statewide steering cmte
Via Harvey Kronberg, Rick Perry announced his statewide steering committee.

I was curious as to how many SREC (State Republican Executive Committee) members agreed to serve on Perry's steering committee. If Perry is indeed stronger with the grassroots activists, one would think he'd have an impressive showing of SREC members willing to volunteer for him. By my count, 30 out of 62 (31, if you count SREC members' spouses serving on the steering committee) SREC members are on the committee. Perry is particularly strong among SREC members from the Houston area.

SREC members on the committee: Cook (SD2), McCarty (SD3), Fredricks (SD4), Teuscher (SD4), Lewis (SD5), Bowles (SD6), Gonzales (SD6), Martin (SD7), Moore (SD7), Tschoepe (SD8), Tucker (SD8), Armstrong (SD11), Haigler (SD11), Clements (SD13), Gailbraith (SD14), Flynn (SD15), Davis (SD16), Hotze (SD17), Raia (SD17), Posten (SD18), Bergsma (SD20), Lothringer (SD21), Tabor (SD22), Jenkins (SD24), Wallace (SD24), Hensz (SD25), Nelson (SD25), Solis (SD26), Thackston (SD29), Gear (SD30).

The El Paso News noted the 13 El Pasoans named.

A TV station in Waco briefly mentioned some area folks.

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