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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Saint Arnold's seeks political connections
From the Saint Arnold's newsletter:

The Texas Legislature is in their biannual session right now which means if we want any changes to the laws, now is the time to act, and fast! We are looking for anybody that has any connections with any of our state legislatures. Perhaps you work for one, or your wife or husband does, or you have beers with one, or perhaps you have a compromising picture of one with a goat. If you do have any such connections and you would be willing to introduce us, please let us know. The specific law that we would like to see changed is to allow small breweries to have dock sales (the ability to sell packaged beer to go at the brewery). Texas wineries can do it, but breweries cannot. This would especially help with kegs.
I was going to post this, but Charles Kuffner beat me to it. You might notice that Saint Arnold's (technically, the brewery name is Saint Arnold, but I don't know anyone who calls it that) has been a link on my sidebar for awhile, so do help if you can (especially since changing the law is a good idea). All successful businesses eventually realize that they need a governmental relations strategy. I'm a big fan of their Kristallweizen, Elissa IPA, and all their seasonal beers (especially the Christmas Ale).

Kuffner also notes that St. Arnold's telephone number is 713-686-9494. Or, you might try brewery@saintarnold.com. If you read about this here or at Kuff's, feel free to mention us.

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