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Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Summer announcement?
In a DMN story about the Collin County (north dallas suburbs) GOP dinner:
The senator didn't want to talk about the governor's race. "There'll be plenty of time for that later," she said. "I'll say something this summer."

Mr. Perry deflected questions about his rival but left no doubt about his preference.

"I don't blush about it. I tell people straight away, the best place for the senator is in Washington, D.C., helping us deliver for Texas," he said. "The grassroots, by and large, believe in the elected officials that they've got – in the positions that they're in."

In their speeches, both acknowledged the congressmen and the state lawmakers – everyone but each other.


Sen. John Cornyn, who is staying neutral, said Friday that "people are a little nervous" about a battle between the two.

Mr. Cornyn called it "pretty natural" for Republicans, now that they dominate state politics, to "start fighting each other for dominance. ... I do know a lot of people are very anxious about it. And it is a subject of conversation everywhere I go in the state."


Attendance at the Collin County event hit about 1,500 – a jump from the previous record of 950, set last year when Mr. Perry had the card to himself. As with any good plot line, the dinner took some twists. Planners initially invited only the governor and Ms. Coulter, the conservative pundit. Then Ms. Hutchison sent word that she wanted to come, too.

"You don't turn down a U.S. senator," said county GOP chairman Rick Neudorff.
It'll be interesting to see when KBH decides to announce her candidacy for governor. Will she announce immediately after the session, or wait a few months to gather supporters and raise money before an official announcement?

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