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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Tacking right and KBH news
1. Hutchison sponsored an amendment to add funding for 2000 agents on the US-Mexico border. Bush had only asked for 210 additional agents. Whether immigration will be an issue in a state office primary is questionable, of course, but many conservatives are upset over illegal immigration.

2. Gillman in the DMN:
Last week, Ms. Hutchison introduced a bill aimed at curbing violence and indecency on television - an issue dear to the hearts of social conservatives. The bill would require an assessment of how well the V-chip protects children from "excessive violence and sex," boost fines for airing obscenity, and make broadcasters double the amount of children's programming they offer.
Again, not a state issue. But it doesn't really matter.

3. Hutchison supports Schiavo resolution: "To starve a person to a slow death is inhumane."

It doesn't look like Hutchison is going to try to run to the right of Perry. She's just going to say that they're both conservative. I'll write more thoughts on this later.

Meanwhile, the Sherman Herald Democrat reports on the Senator's speech to the Grayson County GOP Lincoln Day dinner.

She's also getting some favorable coverage in East Texas, where she's riding the trail she helped procure funding for.

UPDATE: the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung carries a story on Hutch's remarks, as does the San Antonio Express-News. I can identify with this:
"As longs as I've been in Texas and as many time as I've visited the counties in Texas, I've learned more about the state in the past two days," [KBH] said. "We have such a diversity in the topography and the ethnicity of our state."
There's always a few more places in Texas to go see.

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