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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Appraisal cap bill goes down
Rick Perry lost the legislative battle when Dwayne Bohac's property tax appraisal cap bill went down in the House. However, he'll keep it as a campaign issue.

I haven't seen any primary polling numbers on the issue, but my sense is that appraisal caps are both a popular and intense issue in a GOP primary campaign. Those who care about property tax appraisal caps are likely to feel strongly.

There's also the issue of timing: property tax bills generally come due around January 31, and the primary will be just a month later on March 7.

Perry has tied himself pretty strongly to this issue. I don't know where KBH stands, but she'll try to use the issue as part of a larger failure of Perry's leadership whether she supports lowering the appraisal cap or not.

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