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Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Crain email
Today the FWST reported that Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Nate Crain says he was uninvited to Hutchison events.

This afternoon Harvey Kronberg reports that Crain is circulating an email asking his fellow GOP county chairmen to tell Senator Hutchison not to run for guv. Here's the excerpt that Kronberg printed:
Dear Fellow Republican County Chairman:

I am writing to encourage you to let Senator Hutchison know your opposition to her running for Governor.

In recent weeks, the tone of the Hutchison campaign has changed dramatically.Republican County Chairman and Republican Elected officials have been treated in a shameful and disappointing manner.

Chairwoman Sue Brannon shared a story with several newspapers about a conversation that she and Senator Hutchison had. The Hutchison campaign denied that the conversation took place.
If someone can get me the full email, I'd appreciate it.

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