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Monday, April 18, 2005
Mas shorts
1. Clay Robison opines in the Chronicle against the tv ads featuring Perry that are being run outside of the state to promote Texas for business. Robison doesn't like the fact that private money is being used; he'd rather taxpayers pay.

For someone with such keen vision for conflicts of interest, Robison is blind to the conflict of interest in being head of the the news in Austin and yet opining in a weekly column.

2. Chris Bell is now 70% sure he'll make a bid for governor. According to the article, the last Congressman to become governor was 1907.

3. Kay Bailey Hutchison spoke at the NRA convention as well. She said:
"The French government has raised its terror alert from 'run' to 'hide,'" she joked, bringing a round of laughter. "The only higher levels in France are 'surrender' and 'collaborate.'"
This earned her a rebuke from the Chronicle editorial page.

Shucks, Kay, we thought it was funny.

4. Speaking of Kay being funny, she was in a red cape with blue stars last week. She did it to raise money for DC's Arena Stage.

Last time she did something like this, she ended up hugging Hillary.

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