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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Williams on the race
The Midland Reporter Telegram writes up gubernatorial candidate Clayton Williams' support for Perry.
Prominent Midland oilman Clayton Williams Monday said he strongly opposes U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's possible opposition to the re-election of Gov. Rick Perry next year and will contribute heavily to Perry's campaign if the internecine struggle takes place.

En route with his wife Modesta from their Alpine area ranch, the CEO of Clayton Williams Energy said he values the work Hutchison does in Washington and will do everything in his power to see she continues doing it.

"I support Gov. Perry because we have not had any tax increases and because redistricting was a real battle and now we have representation in Congress proportionate to our true demographics," Williams said. "I also strongly support him because he has been responsible with his economic development fund for helping Midland directly.


Williams, who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1990, doesn't have a top limit on how much he'd give Perry for the March 2006 primary. But he indicated it could be hefty. "It depends on what the price of oil and gas is," he said.


Brannon said Hutchison recently confided in her during a Basin appearance that she has a personal reason to take the governorship from Perry, who is completing his first full four-year term after following President Bush into the office. "She told me she adopted two kids, 4 and 5, and doesn't want to raise them in Washington," Brannon said.

"I said, 'You knew that when you adopted those children, and a nanny is raising them anyway!' That's her main reason. They're in Dallas, and she said it's wearing her out going back and forth."
Gotta love the gossip.
Brannon said Perry did yoeman's work by resisting political pressure and calling three special legislative sessions during the 2003 redistricting ordeal.

"Rick stuck by his guns on that and really helped Midland," she said, referring to Conaway's subsequent election in the new 11th Congressional District.

"I don't think she's going to have Midland's support this time. I honestly don't think she'll run because she won't run if she can't win." Brannon said she couldn't support Perry in a contested party primary but is within her authority to oppose Hutchison's gubernatorial candidacy.

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