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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Similar situation in Nebraska?
It looks like Nebraska has a similar situation as Texas: a Capitol Hill officeholder wants to return home to run for guv against an incumbent.

From the Hotline:
Gov. Dave Heineman (R) "is coming under increased pressure" from nat'l GOPers to drop from the GOV race and instead challenge Sen. Ben Nelson (D). "The recruitment effort is being spearheaded" by the NRSC "and has picked up considerably in intensity" since Rep. Tom Osborne (R-03) announced his GOV candidacy. NRSC chair Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) "has not yet spoken with Heineman about the possibility directly" but will attend a NE GOP Founders Day event in Omaha 5/20. NRSC spokesperson Brian Nick: "We hope he gives it a good hard look. Any time a sitting governor is interested in running for Senate that is a great opportunity."
Heineman "has so far resisted the NRSC's entreaties," recently saying that on a scale of zero to 100 his interest in the race is "minus-1000 and dropping." But "given the political reality he faces, many observers expect him to at least entertain the contest if he wants to remain in politics" beyond '06. Facing Osborne "in a statewide primary is almost assuredly a losing proposition for Heineman, according to public and private polling."
A SEN race "would not present Heineman with the same mountain to climb" -- at least for the GOP nomination. Elected Treas. in '94 and '98, he "rejected urgings to consider entering" the '00 Senate race, insisting he was focused on one day serving as GOV. NE GOP chair Mark Quandahl "said he has had several recent discussions with Heineman about the possibility of him running" for SEN. Quandahl: "He made it pretty clear to me that he would not be inclined to run for the United State Senate. He feels his talents are best suited in the executive branch" (Cillizza, Roll Call, 5/10).

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