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Friday, January 14, 2005
Senator Hutchison and abortion
After the recent post about my friend's dilemma, several folks wrote in saying that Kay Bailey Hutchison is pro-life.

In fact, several noted that Hutchison has a near-perfect mark from the National Right to Life Committee. In her entire Senate tenure, she has only voted against the NRLC once.

In modern political parlance, pro-Roe v. Wade connotes pro-choice. Anti-Roe means pro-life. [Granted, there are some (including Beldar) who think Roe was incorrectly decided as a matter of constitutional law, yet support legal abortion to some degree.]

Here's how USA Today describes Hutchison's position on abortion:
On abortion, Hutchison has said she opposes a constitutional amendment banning Roe vs. Wade. But she supports abortion restrictions such as parental consent for minors, bans on late-term abortions and federal funding. In October 1999 she voted against a non-binding resolution supporting Roe vs. Wade, saying she disagreed with language in the resolution, which read: "It is the sense of the Congress that Roe vs. Wade was an appropriate decision and secures an important constitutional right and such a decision should not be overturned."
Every article I've ever read labels KBH as pro-choice, not pro-life. I'm not going to defy convention.

One interesting note: Hutchison's only vote against the NRLC is a non-binding resolution to support Roe v. Wade. She had voted against the resolution before, but supported it the last time it came up.

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