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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Perry media blitz continues
The Perry PR shop is awfully busy lately.

1. "Perry places education as top priority" was the headline appearing on the websites of News8 Austin, News 24 Houston, and News 9 in San Antonio. No word as to whether these stations ran similar TV reports.

The Perry camp was undoubtedly very pleased with the headline -- particularly since the thrust of the article was about Perry's proposal for a $300 million Emerging Technology Fund, to complement the $300 million Texas Enterprise Fund (in the news lately, of course, for the 7500 Countrywide jobs coming to Dallas).

2. As mentioned here yesterday, Perry announced the $600 million highway safety program.

3. Perry announced that he will ask for $25 million in job training for South Texas. He got favorable headlines in South Texas for his efforts.

4. The Longview News-Journal writes that abortion may surface as an issue in the Legislature these next few months. In fact, I would assume that Perry will quietly push for some sort of abortion bill, because it's an opportunity for Perry to contrast his pro-life stance on abortion to Hutchison's pro-choice position.

5. Perry to announce 1500 jobs at the Toyota Tundra plant in San Antonio.
Gov. Rick Perry will announce Thursday that as many as 18 suppliers of automotive parts and services will move onto the site of Toyota's Tundra truck plant in San Antonio, creating at least 1,500 new jobs, sources close to the deal say.

The jobs created could be many more -- at least two of the suppliers may create as many as 500 jobs each, sources said.

The on-site vendors either will build facilities next to Toyota or move into the 1.8 million-square-foot factory Toyota is building.

UPDATE: Kevin notes in the comments that News24 no longer exists. Good point -- that's what I get for trusting GoogleNews.

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